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The History of ZHAO

Brand Establishment

In 1985, Mr. Zhao, who was studying in Germany, established Germany ZHAO Stamp Company, managing philatelic materials of China and Southeast Asia. Its quality service earned itself a great number of philatelists.

Growing Up

In 1988, ZHAO started auction business with mail sales.

Business Expanding

In 1990, ZHAO took over Germany Julius Auction House, becoming a famous European auction house specializing in Asian stamps.

Return to China

In 1995, Mr. Zhao returned to China and set up Shanghai Zhao Yong Philatelic Articles Co., Ltd. It maintained its quality service and had been highly favored since its founding.

Keeping Developing

In 1996, ZHAO began a nationwide business, setting up its Beijing Office. In the same year, in cooperation with Germany Lighthouse, ZHAO became its general agent in China.

New Technology Emerging

In 1997, ZHAO took the lead in the field, adopting the emerging Internet technology and building up its own website.

Clients Increase

ZHAO takes part in many important stamp exhibitions, both national and worldwide, winning a great number of philatelic lovers. In 1999, ZHAO participated in China’s first World Stamp Exhibition.

Tradition & Modernity

In 2000, the site was named zhaoonline (www.zhaoonline.com), starting a C2C e-commerce. Just staying at home, the clients could trade stamps, coins, paper money and phone cards on the Internet, which realized the integration of modern technology and tradition.

Breaking through Tradition

In 2004, zhaoonline introduced online auction based on C2C to challenge the traditional auction house.

Just Win Your Items Anywhere Anytime

In 2006, zhaoonline.com was completely updated, becoming a professional service firm, and all the traditional business was stopped.

The Leading Chinese Online Philatelic Auction Platform

200,000 Items Realized Every Year
1,000,000 Users Around the World
15,000,000 US$ Annual Turnover
600,000 Realization Records: China's Largest Philatelic Sales Database, Keeping You Up With the Market Price.
In 2008, Zhaoonline has become the leading Chinese online philatelic auction platform.
Meanwhile, zhaoonline set up its Taipei Office.

Proceeding From China; Striding To The World

In 2009, the World Stamp Exhibition is once more in China.
Zhaoonline was honored to become the global partner of China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition. Meanwhile, its English site was launched. Proceeding from China, zhaoonline is gradually striding to the world!
In the same year, its sales performance hit a historical high, and, for the first time, surpassed that of the traditional auction house, which presented the huge potential of the online market.

2010 Happy Collecting Anywhere Anytime

25th Anniversary: The Power of The Brand!
25th Anniversary: The Power of Happy Collecting!
25th Anniversary: The Power that We Witness Together!

Consign to us! Consignment hotline: +86-21-23099900-156

Copyright Declaration

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Legal Declarations

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Contact us

Zhaoonline Headquarters (Chinese & English Service)
Address: Building 7 Sunken Plaza, Lane 88, Shengrong Road
Pudong District, Shanghai 201203 , China
E-mail:service@zhaoonline.com (Customer Service)
auction@zhaoonline.com (Business Department)
Fax: +86-21-64865555

Zhaoonline Germany Office (German Service)
Address: CTG China Trading GmbH Immemgarten 8, 30926 Seelze
Tel: +49-05137-9379197
Fax: +49-05137-9379198
Contact:Mingze Liu (Eddie)

Zhaoonline Hong Kong Office (Chinese & English Service)
Address: Unit 29, 38/F Infinitus Plaza 199 Des Voeux Road Central, Central Hong Kong
Tel: +852-37962685
Email: S.P.Wong@zhaoonline.com

Zhaoonline Taipei Office (Chinese & English Service)
Address: Room 1301, No.59, Sec.2, South Dunhua Road, Taipei
Tel: +886-02-27070190
Fax: +886-02-27084073
Email: Taipei@zhaoonline.com

Zhaoonline Beijing Service Department (Chinese Service)
Address: B5008-5010, 2nd Floor, Fulite Collection Market, No.23 Huangsi Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Contacts: Yu Yu/+86-18910584952, Li Qingli/+86-18017313192
Business hours: 9:30-17:00 from Monday to Saturday (Official holidays excepted)

Zhaoonline Beijing Office (Chinese Service)
Address: Room 603, Workshop 761, 6 / F, Block A, Beiguang Mansion, A23 Huangsi Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Zip: 100120
Tel: +86-62028879
E-mail: beijing@zhaoonline.com

Zhaoonline Guangzhou Office (Chinese Service)
Address: Room 309, 3rd Floor, Zongyuan Coin Stamp Painting Antique Collectibles Market, 288 Haizhu Middle Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Zip: 510180
Tel: +86-18138779215
E-mail: zhoubo@zhaoonline.com

Zhaoonline Chengdu Office (Chinese Service)
Address: No.2105, 2nd Floor, Chengdu Da‘an collectibles Market, No.9 Da’an West Road, Qingyang Disirict. Chengdu
Zip: 610017
Tel: +86-13636680653
E-mail: zhangzhiyou@zhaoonline.com

Zhaoonline Lugong Office (Chinese Service)
Address: Room B059, Second floor, New Building of Lugong Market,600 Jumen Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Tel: +86-21-63010169
Contacts : Zhao nan/+86-18017313151 , Bi Weiqiang/+86-19916759562
Business hours: 9:00 to 16:00 from Tuesday to Sunday (Official holidays excepted)

Zhaoonline Yunzhou Office (Chinese Service)
Address: Room 17-18, Fifth floor, Yunzhou Antique Club, 88 Damuqiao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Contacts: Gao chen/+86-18516700192 , Wei qingchen/+86-18516700471
Business hours: 9:30 to 17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday (Official holidays excepted)

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