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1. Download our Consignment Form and fill in the details of your consignment. Then send this form to us via e-mail at auction@zhaoonline.com .

2. We will reply your e-mail in 2 workdays after receiving your consignment form. If we initially think your Lot auctionable, please send your Lot, and the copy of your certificate to zhaoonline.

Attention: For the consignment of coins and banknotes (like silver/gold coins and banknotes), please contact us again before sending your Lot.

3. We will notify you after receiving your Lot. Then we will do expertization to re-confirm if your Lot is auctionable.

4. Your consigned Lot will be listed on zhaoonline for preview and auction.

5. We will settle with you within 20 workdays after the bidding has ended for your Lot.

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