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1.The Consignor makes warranties to have exclusive and absolute ownership and legal right to dispose of the Lot. Without prejudice to any legal interest of any third party, the auction of the Lot shall not violate any relevant law and regulation.

2. The Consignor has, to the best of his knowledge, made full and complete disclosure and described to zhaoonline with respect to the origin and any flaw or defect of the Lot without any concealment and fabrication. The Consignor shall indemnify all the losses of zhaoonline and all expenses and costs incurred in connection therewith arising out of or in any way attributable to any breach of the above warranties.

4. The illustration, explanation, auction condition and other media of the Lot are at zhaoonline's discretion.

5. For the Lot consigned, the Consignor can require zhaoonline to change its price or withdraw the Lot before auction, but shall inform zhaoonline in a written form, and be responsible for the fees caused.

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