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Consignment fees


Sold Unsold
Insurance premium

1 % of Winning bid or insurance amount

(subject to the higher)
Insurance premium

1 % of Starting bid or insurance amount

(subject to the higher)
Commission 10 % of Winning bid Commission 1 % of Starting bid
Lot fee RMB 12.00/Lot RMB 15.00/Lot


Sold Unsold
Insurance premium

Within 20 days from preview: 1% of the Buy-it-now price

20 days after preview: 0.5% of the Buy-it-now price/10 days (counted as 10 days if less than 10) (subject to the higher)

Commission 5% of the Buy-it-now price Commission None
Lot fee

All but Modern PRC Coins (Handled separately if weighs over 200g)

1)       Winning Bid ≥ RMB 200.00: RMB 12.00/Lot
2)       Winning Bid < RMB 200.00: RMB 18.00/Lot

RMB 15.00/Lot

Modern PRC Coins

RMB 15.00/Lot (Handled separately if weighs over 1,000g)

Note: Lot fee standard of any item over 200g: 200g-1,000g: RMB 15.00/Lot; 1,000g+: RMB 15.00/Kg (the portion less than 1,000g counted as 1,000g); maximum charge RMB 200.00

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