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If you are determined to win a certain Lot and are willing to pay a handsome price for it, just try Auto Bid.

Suppose there is a Lot, both of whose starting bid and increment are 1 RMB. Before you place bid, you will see such a tip: (Enter RMB 2.00 or more). At this time, you may enter 2, or just enter the highest amount you are willing to pay. For example, here is a Lot you favor, for which you can pay 100 RMB. Then you just directly enter 100. When the bidding has ended for this Lot, if you are the only bidder, then the winning bid of this Lot is 2 RMB. If during the listing period there are other bids that are lower than 100 RMB, then the system will automatically bid on your behalf and make you in the lead. You won't be outbid until some other bidder places higher than 100 RMB.

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